Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bitterheart or sweetheart?

Coincidently met my long lost friend yesterday..Wasn't that "lost" anyway, it just that we haven't seen each other for quite some time. Ironically I was working, but gladly almost reach its time to go back. So, I spent some time talking to her but working at the same time. Can u imagine how? please...just don't ^^ Talking to her made me swim back to the past. Because she is..someone from my past.. My heart was pumping with anger, I can't believe what I heard from her. I won't expose what conversation we've had but just to share some point of view of life, sometimes.. Don't bother about whatever others feel towards your action, cuz sometimes when we are too busy thinking about others' happiness,eventually we always realized the fact that we cannot please the whole world! There's no use torturing your heart and mind for some people who doesn't know whether you have ones by treating you like a robot, and don't take you seriously. Make life even simpler & don't complicate things, make it stable by what you received, you'd give back. Ok darling? take out the person/things in your life that contribute to your imperfections, let your life goes with your rhythm. By how u want it to be alright.. Life is so hard at 1st, especially when you just crashed into pieces after a big breakdown or something similar, but once you completed the healing process, you'll gain both.. happiness and strength!..& The next time you see misery, you don't sweat a lot like you used to.. :)

Yours Truly,
Voice within


  1. nicely said..=) im hoping im not the one that contribute to your imperfections... but if i am.. i truly sorry..sometimes ppl do things that they didnt realize will hurt someone else..take care syifa!

  2. felly! no ok darling..u are someone that contribute to my perfection :) and i love if thats the fact. Hurting somebody else without realizing it is ok, but if its deliberately, thats unforgiven :) kan kan

  3. life is cruel, even how much we've tried to please others but at the same time, we hurt so much and sometimes we don't even notice it until someone remind it. but sometimes, we need to voice out kan. whether we have the courage or not, let the time decide but don't let it become serious cause one day, u r the one who got the blame.. :)