Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting used to ..YOU!

Today is my off-day. NO no no, I'm not going out or loitering around even my hot-blood rebelling to do so, so so much but there are a lot of other MAJOR things that need to be settled..especially bills, bills and bills.  Everytime I check the post box, my hands will be shaking cuz I am afraid I might not be able to settle all the bills on time. What if they cut the electricity and water supply. Or take away my astro! and and who's gonna remind me to pay PTPTN. Working on shift-based  schedule makes it hard for me to steal time to get all these 'mess-head' done. I don't have any idea how my mom did all of these to-do-list!(s) My dad passed away when I was like 7 months..So practically she had been single parent since like forever. I swear! I don't know where she gained that strength! Now what I gotta getting used to this and don't over-used em..or else, I shall pay more..NNOOO! this story has exclude groceries, food supply, transport fares and pocket money and yes..ETC .Mom, this is wow! :) teehee

What doesn't kill makes you stronger..and u know what bills?? U can't kill me! bwek!



  1. yuyu, be strong okay laling!i know u can do this.anyway i mish u!haha

  2. bills=money=time + courage=responsibilities....time always become so agony to make us relief and sometimes headaches..courage needs so much efforts to be carried the mean time, it is all our responsibilities is beautiful and cruel also...but The Almighty always have the solution...chill!

  3. I didn't know that your dad has passed away since you was so small. (al-fatihah for them both). But I know that you can cope with the situation because you're such a strong girl. There you go!