Friday, November 18, 2011

Never Back Down

OMG! I know2..I am such a terrible blog-writer. I can't believe it's almost 2 months since the last time I post the previous entry. Maybe, now I prefer to talk in a real world rather than here. Of course, lack of ideas and time barrier play the vital role in disabling me to write too.. whatever it I am again

We almost meet Xmas again that finally leads us to New year. The last blog entry about new year (2011) was, I told to Year 2011 to be nice to me. But it happened the other way around, TOTALLY. . This year, to sum it all up.. I would say the most challenging of all years. Lost someones, gain some new ones. Know some. Forget or try to forget some, been robbed by snatch-theft, Went to an event, Celebrate Raya in A diff place compare to past years, I must say Allah really put me into these tests to groom me to be a better human. So yeah, It was challenging. Changed my career path. Made some big decisions. Missed some opportunities.

To see all of these from helicopter view.. I conclude some lessons I've learned. Which are to be strong, adapt-wisely to situation, be rational when instinct isn't working, stop being judgmental towards people/decisions/matters arise etc.  be confident with yourself but not cocky, always ask why (curiosity helps doesn't it?) , be grateful, Look at every problem in a positive side (need to be more analytical on this one), but most of all, hold on to your faith and belief and keep em. Never blame other people of your failure. Try the hardest to make thing at its most productive level it could get.

To be frank, there were like thousand times I feel like quitting everything. But one way for me to get back up is using my inner voice and talk to myself about my value and what/who I am fighting for. I motivate myself by using my own mother as a role model. If she could endure this alone, why can't I?

Life is like a long-term exams. Problems are like your test paper. If you pass the test, Proceed. If you don't and give up.. You'll lose and stuck. So act/answer correctly or give a satisfactory answers to all the paper, think wise before you think twice. 

Thank you for your kind attention.

Warm Regards, 

Syifa Aziz

Thought of the day: I need to improve my discipline in writing this blog :)


  1. hye3 there sifa...long time time not writing ya...same goes for me lack of time ...since are you doing now? getting better ? hope that you are in very happy moment ..especially loved one ya.. was new work?

  2. hye im doing ok..just a bit mental challenging :) how are u doing? hehehe