Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is love smart?

Dear Youaretheonlyexception,
[  ]It is when, all your senses get so excited..

[  ]It is maybe when your mood is fixed by itself when you see him.. and yeah without the assistance of chocs of course

[  ] He makes you feel so alive.. yet dead..makes u feel like you are the most beautiful lady on earth..and makes you think you are the most intelligent nerd in the 

[  ] When you pronounce those 3 sacred little words..and you never think of what circumstances you'd have to face..because it never matters

[  ]When you miss him, you wish he would just appear in front of you..and still.. never stop hoping

[  ]Love is sweet but most of the time..challenging.. adventurous!

[  ]Makes you so happy, makes you so so sad.. so?

[  ]Love is beneficial?- taking risks, enhance confidence level, learn to be patient, give and take, gratitude,positivity etc.. love is smart? or falling in love is actually smart..?

Now think the other way around....

Love, if you have don't need anything else
and if you don't have doesn't matter much what else you have 



  1. syifa...mak awk x sihat kan..saya doakan mak awk cepat sembuh..awk pn kena kuatkan semangat jugak...xmo sedih2 depan dia tau...beri dia semangat..u r strong syifa..

  2. thank you for the concern. She still unconscious. hope she'll be fine..cant wait to bring her home~

  3. welcome, I hope she'll get well soon. keep on praying.